Me me me me me…

My name is Tom Hacohen.

I was born and raised in Tel-Aviv (Israel), lived in London for the last decade, and I'm now back in Israel. I started playing with computers at a very young age, and haven't stopped ever since. I have been using Linux for as far as I can remember, with my current distribution of choice being Arch.

I am a long time Open Source Software developer. I have been part of the core team of Enlightenment, SHR, libunibreak, and have contributed to many other open source projects. I am the founder and CEO of Svix (Webhooks as a Service), backed by Y Combinator. I am also the creator of EteSync and was the co-founder of Rock (backed by Entreprenuer First). Until early 2017 I was a Senior Software Engineer at Samsung's Open Source Group, for whom I worked mostly on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) which are a set of 'C' utility libraries and a graphical toolkit. The EFL are used by the Samsung backed Tizen mobile operating system, so I got to work closely with both the open source communities, and commercial product teams from all around the world. I have experience leading teams and working with people from all continents (excluding Antarctica), and from many different cultures. I have also given talks at multiple conferences, which you can see at the talks page.

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