Me me me me me…

My name is Tom Hacohen.

I was born and raised in Tel-Aviv (Israel), lived in London for the last decade, and I'm now back in Israel. I started playing with computers at a very young age, and haven't stopped ever since. I have been using Linux for as far as I can remember, with my current distribution of choice being Arch.

I am a long time Open Source Software developer. I have been part of the core team of Enlightenment, SHR, libunibreak, and have contributed to many other open source projects. I am the founder and CEO of Svix (Webhooks as a Service), backed by Y Combinator. I am also the creator of EteSync and was the co-founder of Rock (backed by Entreprenuer First). Until early 2017 I was a Senior Software Engineer at Samsung's Open Source Group, for whom I worked mostly on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) which are a set of 'C' utility libraries and a graphical toolkit. The EFL are used by the Samsung backed Tizen mobile operating system, so I got to work closely with both the open source communities, and commercial product teams from all around the world. I have experience leading teams and working with people from all continents (excluding Antarctica), and from many different cultures. I have also given talks at multiple conferences, which you can see at the talks page.

Svix is the enterprise ready webhooks service. Check out the Svix docs and the webhooks sending guides (Python, NodeJS, Rust, PHP) to get started.

Contact details and further information: