Thoughts, ideas and tutorials by Tom Hacohen

Explaining My Configs: sshd_config

Explaining the configuration files I use in detail, this time: sshd_config

Reducing the Performance Impact of Debug Code in C Libraries

A method for C library developers to offer a way collect and expose debug information without affecting normal execution

Hunting Down Dirty Memory Pages

Investigating and reducing memory consumption due to dirty memory pages

Using an External Server and a VPN to Escape NATs

Port forwarding over VPN in order to access machines behind NATs

Retaining History When Moving Files Across Repositories in Git

Splitting or merging repositories does not have to cause loss of history

Secure Your letsencrypt Setup With acme-tiny

Using acme-tiny for an even more secure letsencrypt setup

Running letsencrypt as an Unprivileged User

Increase security and peace of mind by running letsencrypt as an unprivileged user

Using OpenPGP Keys For SSH Authentication

Consolidate your keys and prepare for using an OpenPGP smart card

New Website!

The new website is finally up, more to come…