New Website!

The new website is finally up, more to come…

 ·  1 minutes read

After more work than I would like to admit, the new redesigned website is finally up. This iteration of the website is statically generated using Pelican, which seems to be working great so far. I think I am going to play with the design a bit more once I get the time, but until then, this is it.

As for the content: I have no idea what I am going to write about; probably tech, open source and other things that pique my interest, but who knows.

I hope I will manage to find the time to write here, and I'd appreciate feedback on whichever medium you prefer. I don't plan on adding a comment system anytime soon, but you can still find ways to reach me in the about page.

Until next time…

Please let me know if you spotted any mistakes or have any suggestions, and follow me on Twitter or RSS for updates.